Since 1990, the Foundation has supported about forty projects of various kinds in part or fully. A condition for support is that the applicant pledges to publish the results in scientific media. Examples of publications in English, supported by the Foundation, follows below.

  • Eiseltovà Martina, Björk Sven et al
    Restoration of Lake Ecosystems - a training handbook
    IWRB Publication 32, 1994
  • Björkman L The Late Holocene history of Beech, fagus sylvatica, and Norway Spruce, Picea abies, at standscale in southern Sweden. LUNDQUA Thesis, vol 39, 1996
  • Witzgall Peter et al Mating disruption of pea moth, cydia nigricana and codling moth C pomonella, using blends of sex pheromones and attraction antagonists Techn Transfer in Mating Disruption, IOBC, wprs Bulletin Vol 20(1) 1997 p 207-215
  • Lindbladh M, Bradshaw R, Holmqvist B Patterns and process in south Swedish forests during the last 3000 years, sensed at stand and regional scales Journal of Ecology 2000, 88, 113-128