A Program for Erik and Ebba Larsson’s and Thure Rignell’s Foundation

Approved at a board meeting on November 2, 1990

The aim of the Foundation is to promote scientific research.

The board considers that its main task is to develop the Foundation in accordance with the thoughts and ideas of Erik and Ebba Larsson and Thure Rignell. These are well known from the long and close relationship between the present board and the former owners of the Tranemala Estate. It is com-monly known that the previous owners had the forest very much at heart. Erik Larsson is known for his far-sighted and ecological view on forestry that was uncommon in his time. Therefore, it seems natural to support and promote scientific research, which is spoken of in Ebba Larsson’s will, towards research on the forest and its ecology.

The Tranemala Estate 1:6 should be kept in the possession of the Foundation.

The buildings are used as a base for field-work with the possibility for the researchers to stay over night or longer-term, and also as a base for excursions, seminars or other scientific meetings.

The forest ground is used partly for field-experiments and partly for commercial forestry with the aim of reasonable return and ensuring mutual consideration between forestry and research.

The cultivated land within the Estate should be preserved and taken care of.

The promotion of forest research does not exclude research and activities in other fields in accordance with the spirit of the founders.