At the Foundation’s disposition is Tranemåla gård, an estate in the northwest of Blekinge. The centre of the estate is a traditional mansion dating from the first half of the 19th century, complete with barns, stables and other agri-cultural buildings, which are however no longer in use.

Most of the land is forested by Scandinavian spruce, Scots pine and a variety of deciduous tree species. Noteworthy are fine stands of oak and beech. The estate borders to two small lakes.

A wetland area that was drained in the late 19th century is being restored.

The Foundation meets its objectives by, for instance,

  • Putting the estate at disposition for excursions, conferences, lectures, planning of research projects and scientific meetings of other kind. Lodging for up to twelve persons can be provided in double rooms. In the warm season, a conference room in old style can accommodate up to 30 people. Scientists wishing to put down their thoughts in a quiet atmosphere or doing field work at the estate or the countryside nearby are welcome to stay. It should however be noted that the accommodation is of youth hostel standard. Guests have to bring their bed linen and prepare their meals themselves;
  • Putting land at disposal for field experiments;
  • Providing financial support for travel, scientific equipment and laboratory work in connection therewith;
  • Providing financial support to research projects in general;
  • Covering part of or the entire cost for publishing results of research supported by the Foundation.